Photos - 1993

The year started off in the US, moved quickly to the UK. I was still all enthusiastic about the camera and took it to lots of places and consequently there are lots of photos of things I went to.

St Louis/I met up with Jeremy and his girlfriend in St Louis where we drove to New York
Illinois/We stopped on the way to New York
Mt Holyoke/There were a bunch of mudders from Mt Holyoke Girls College so I visited them
Washington DC/I travelled down there for one night to try and meet up with Jeff Peters but failed to catch up with him
New Jersey/Kimberley Nanejian lived in New Jersey and was another friend from Boiling Mud
England/I visited Gordon, Uncle Dougie and Roy
Melbourne Trip/After the wedding I visited Michael and Lisa in Melbourne to drop off photos and a wedding present for them.
Adelaide/I visited some Mudders from the Australian Discworld in Adelaide
Margaret Road/More photos from around home
Christopher+Jeanette Wedding/Christopher and Jeanette were the first of my social circle to tie the knot
Sydney Newton Training/Photos of Apple and Frenches Forest
Curtin Mudders/I met a bunch of the mudders from Curtin
Zoo/Day at the zoo
Party at DDTs/Some of the UCC people and the Curtin Mudders went to a party at Dave Bennet's house in Gooseberry Hill.
Perth/Some random photos fram around Perth
UWA/Some random photos of people/places around UWA
Christopher's 21st/Christopher Phillips 21st birthday party
John Forrest National Park/Some photos from John Forrest National Park
York/Helping to build the Lewis house up at their property in York.
Queen's Gardens/Queen's Gardens is a scenic place at the east end of Perth
R&I Tower/Some photos of an interesting reflection on the river from the R&I tower

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