Photos - 1995

Photos from 1995 include hanging out backstage at a Tori Amos concert to catch a glimpse, hanging out with Gail D'Souza and friends, a big trip around the US for WWDC and we bid farewell to Quinn

Day Trip to Albany/Day Trip to Albany for Lunch
Tori Amos Concert/Photos from backstage at a Tori Amos concert
Point Peron/Visiting Point Peron with Gail and Myfanwy
House Sitting at Johns/House sitting with John West
Women's Cricket/Watching Gail playing cricket
Rebecca and Glenn's Wedding/Rebecca Howson marries Glenn Scriven
WWDC Trip/Trip to the US for 1 week of WWDC and 4 weeks of holidaying around
UWA/More photos from UWA
Quinn Leaving/Quinn gets a job at Apple and leaves for Cupertino

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