Photos - 1996

In 1996 I finally moved out of home to Stanmore Road in Shenton Park, I went to Queensland for the Apple Technology Symposium, threw the cocktail party to end all cocktail parties and took my camera to some other people's parties too. At the end of the year I resigned from UWA and started Starfish Technologies with Andrew Nielsen.

Party at Bloke Hell/Carl, Jason and Cynan shared a house affectionately known as Bloke Hell on account of it was not somewhere you would have expected to find a woman living.
Merrybrook/The ECEL team went down to Merrybrook Adventure Training Centre near Margaret River for a team building weekend.
Mega Cocktail Party/I threw a big cocktail party as a kind of late birthday party.
Stanmore Road/The Stanmore Road house that I lived in for 6 months before they sold it.
Party at Gails/A party at Gail D'Souza's house
ATS - Sunshine Coast/Apple Technology Symposium in Brisbane.

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