Photos - 2002

2002 was the year that I went out with Melissa, visited the UK and US because Quinn was getting married and started getting myself sorted out to move to England including a major blitz of the back yard. This year was 4 weddings and a funeral. Quinn married Erica. Carla married Murray. Fi married Jeff and Shay married Fiona. Mike Schon-Hergrad passed away late in the year.

Sunrace 2002/I was a volunteer official for Sunrace 2002, a solar car race from Adelaide to Sydney
Woodside Ball/I went to the Woodside Ball with Rhonda Higgs
Club Latino Ball/I went to the Club Latino Ball with Nancy and Melissa from Gilkisons
Craigs Birthday/My 32nd Birthday party at Humphry Street
Picnic With Melissa/I went on a picnic with Melissa in Peter's MX-5
South Perth with Melissa/My last weekend with Melissa before she moved overseas
Carla and Murray Wedding/Carla's wedding to Murray in Perth
Mandurah/Visiting the Pitts down in Mandurah just before I left for the UK
Backyard Blitz/Backyard Blitz to make the house safe and rentable
Woodside/Photos from Woodside
Shay and Fe Wedding/Shay Telfer and Fe Waters get married

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