Photos - 2003

A lot has happened in 2003. I moved to London on the 16th January and started looking for work. I eventually got a job in Exeter and started mid March. I've visited several places around the UK and met lots of new people. In October I moved to Livingston to start working at Sky. I travelled back to Exeter a couple of times and finished the year with a big let down when the cancelled the huge Hogmanay celebration in the middle of Edinburgh due to strong winds and bad weather.

Richard's Visit/Richard Ford visited and stayed with me in Perth right at the beginning of 2003 before I left for London.
Margaret Road/Photos from Margaret Road
Everything Must Go Party/Samantha and I were both leaving the state so we had a party to say goodbye and give lots of stuff away.
Selling things in Perth/Things I sold or tried to sell before leaving Perth
Packing in Perth/Packing up the house for the move to London
Perth Airport/Farewell at Perth Airport
Arriving in London/Things that happened after I arrived in London
Walking Around London/Things I've seen walking around London
Snow/My first experience with real falling snow
London Eye/I took a ride on London Eye
Woodside/Photos from Woodside in London that I took to send back to Perth
Pirate Ships/Just near Adrian's house is a large empty shopping centre called Tobacco Docks and Pirate Ships
Thames at Chiswick/An evening down on the Thames at Chiswick where we almost got marooned on an island.
James Bromberger's New House/Photos of James' Bromberger's new house
Tower Bridge/I went on the Tower Bridge tour where they explain the history of the bridge
Glasgow in Feb/I visited Quinn in Glasgow in February
Cricket at Walkabout Bar/Sandra and I went to watch Australia play England at the Walkabout in Temple
Edinburgh/I visited Edinburgh for a job interview.
Leaving London Party/I had a party to celebrate that I would have a job in Exeter or Edinburgh during the week and would be leaving
Exeter/I moved to Exeter for my job with Landmark Information
Cheltenham Cup/My agent took me to the Cheltenham race course for the Gold Cup, a big event on the racing calendar.
Bristol/I had to go up to Bristol to collect my overcoat that I had left on the train when I went to my Exeter job interview
Monopoly Board Pub Crawl/I went back into London to do a Monopoly Board Pub Crawl just after moving to Exeter.
Henley/I visited Henley for work after about 2 weeks of working at Landmark Information
Newcastle/I went up to Newcastle to Visit John, Christopher and Jeanette on the same weekend Quinn was coming down from Glasgow
Pointy Things/A collection of pointy objects I've seen wandering around England
Wales and England in April/A road trip around Wales with Yvette
South West England at Easter/Driving around Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire with John McKenna at Easter.
Christinas Birthday/Christina's 23rd birthday party in Exeter.
Scotland in June/Driving around Northern England and Scotland with Christina
Midsummers Picnic/Sandra organised a picnic in St James Park for the summer solstice
Scandanavia in July/I visited Sandra in Stockholm and we drove to the Arctic Circle
Birmingham/Visit to Birmingham with John in August
Castle Combe/Trip to Castle Combe to see some racing action
Livingston/Livingston where I moved in October
Avesbury/I visited Avesbury with Simon Fryers in November
Portishead/I visited Portishead on my trip to Exeter in November

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