Photos - 2006

2006 started off with a bang with the fireworks at Edinburgh castle. I spent 3 weeks in Australia with Craig from Exeter. I spent a week in Finland with Sabine and her family. I went on a trip to Helsinki, Tallinn and Barcelona with Melissa. I rode from Glasgow to Edinburgh as part of an organised ride. I went down to Exeter to visit Craig. I went to Paris to see Andrew Williams and Kate where were there and also to see Carla and Murray who were on holiday outside Paris at the same time. A travel filled and fulfilling year.

New Years/Photos from the fireworks at Edinburgh Castle
Australia Trip/Trip to Australia
London Trip/A trip to Newcastle and London one weekend in February
Scotland/Things from around Scotland
Bletchley Park Trip/A trip down to the computer Museum at Bletchley Park
Devon and Cornwall Trip/A trip to Exeter to see Craig and then down to Cornwall to hang out with the Quinn Family for the weekend.
Aland Trip/A trip to Stockholm and Finland in July
Tallinn and Barcelona Trip/A trip to Helsinki, Tallinn and Barcelona with Melissa
Exeter Trip/A weekend down in Exeter with Craig and Judi
France Trip/A long weekend in Paris and Auxerre to visit Andrew/Kate and Carla/Murray